The Keys To Our Success

When people come to us, they are often in the biggest crisis that they’ve ever faced. Whether it’s an injury, a DUI or a death penalty case, our team will focus on the problem and the person involved, and we do everything we can to achieve the best possible results. Our Areas of Practice are numerous and for each client we bring to the table our vast experience, the latest technology in case management and research, and the top advisors and testifying experts in their respective fields.

The key to our success is simple– it is our ongoing relationships with experts from across the country.

We work with private investigators, many of them with law enforcement backgrounds and criminal investigation experience, who know how to explore the facts and examine the evidence in a case.

In car accident civil litigation, we team up with former road engineers and consultants who can reconstruct the crash for a judge and jury.

Our experts also include medical professionals and computer forensic specialists whose analysis is key to obtaining the best results for our clients.

We use the latest courtroom technology for the clearest, most persuasive presentation possible.

This is why Savage & Savage Law Firm is considered by its peers to be one of the best.