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Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV) are modes of transportation, including (for example) self-driving cars, trucks, and trains, that seek to use advanced technology to replace human operators on board the vehicles. Unmanned vehicles are purported to increase safety and reliability while reducing costs. Drones or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are a subset of UAV for airborne operations. The FAA has published regulations governing the operation of small drones (sUAS) that severely restrict the parameters of flight, including limiting the size of the drone, requiring that they remain in sight of the operator at all times, and prohibiting operation at night or over crowds of people.

Additionally, any person flying a drone for commercial gain (think a realtor filming a home for sale, an insurance adjuster inspecting damage, or a wedding photographer) must be licensed by the FAA under Part 107. Exceptions to these rules can be granted, but the FAA must approve these waivers. If you have drone issues, whether waiver requests, licensing questions, privacy concerns, or damage or personal injury caused by improper or illegal operation, Savage Law Firm is prepared to assist you in this quickly evolving legal landscape.

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Areas of Practice

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