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This is tough work.

We thrive on it.
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We excel at counseling clients in crisis—and when people come to us, they are often in the biggest crisis that they’ve ever faced. Whether it’s an injury, a shoplifting arrest or a death penalty case, we focus on the problems and the people involved, and do everything we can to achieve the best possible results.

We don’t get anything but complicated cases—and we’ve been involved in many high profile proceedings, getting the best possible results in difficult circumstances.

Our attorneys are known for their work ethic and discretion. We are dedicated to preserving reputations and are well versed in media relations and ensuring minimal exposure.

The Savage legal team is more than its individual attorneys. Beyond our lawyers and an experienced legal support staff, we utilize an extensive network of outside resources–including firms and individuals with professional experience in investigations, finances, engineering, technology, and health care.

For over 3 decades, our firm has taken on some of the most complex, high profile criminal cases in the Lowcountry.

We excel at counseling clients in crisis, representing defendants charged with both major and minor crimes. We deftly pursue personal injury and wrongful death suits, and we resolve professional licensing issues when complaints are filed against a doctor or other licensed practitioner.