Our Team

The Savage legal team is more than its individual attorneys. Beyond our lawyers and an experienced legal support staff, we utilize an extensive network of outside resources–including firms and individuals with professional experience in investigations, finances, engineering, technology, and health care.

We believe in an integrated approach, providing assistance to remedy any underlying mitigating factors even as we work toward solving your legal issues. Each case is different and we have the experience to know the best way to proceed and call upon the appropriate resources.

Our Attorneys

Andrew J. Savage, III

Andy Savage has handled many complicated and interesting cases throughout the US and as far reaching as Australia and the Middle East….

Our Support Team

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At Savage Law Firm, the pursuit of excellence is part of our daily work ethic. Each member of our team contributes in their own way to providing the best possible service and care to each of our clients.

Office Tour

Virtual tour of the Savage Law Firm offices – Charleston, SC

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